5 Reasons To Start Your Holiday Crafting Now

5 Reasons To Start Your Holiday Crafting Now

Every year, I have grand ambitions for creating hand knitted gifts that will be treasured forever by the recipients. Every year, by the time Christmas rolls around I'm frazzled, if I'm lucky, I have a couple of WIPs that will never see the inside of a gift box

This year, all that ends. I finally decided what I needed to get this done was more time. Rather than waiting until two weeks before Christmas to cast on even one gift, I'm going to get started now.

Without any further ado, here are 5 Reasons To Start Your Holiday Crafting Now:

  • Start now and have time to enjoy the actual making of your gifts.


  •  Start now and you can choose patterns you love rather than just the fastest, easiest, to knit or crochet.


  • Start now and you'll have time for yarn orders to arrive. Or to stash dive for that skein, that would be perfect for the project you want to make, if only you could find it.


  •  Start now and you could even make it a party and get together with friends for stress free crafternoons.


  • Start now and, this is a biggie for me, you can mail out your gifts in the first week of December, well before the long lines start at the post office.

Join me on a stress free holiday making journey. Share your holiday making plans in the comments.

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