#MakeNine2019--Part II: Knits

#MakeNine2019--Part II: Knits

My #makenine2019 feels ambitious, but exciting. How it works is that you pick 9 projects you want to make during the year. Then share your experience of doing the darn thing. Use the hashtag #makenine2019 when you share on social media.

  1. Clapotis by Kate Gilbert

    What can I say, this is an oldie but a goodie. I had only been a knitter for a year when I first discovered Knitty Magazine and Clapotis had taken the Knitterverse by storm. I loved the pattern, but I never quite got around to making one. #MakeNine2019 seemed like the perfect opportunity to make a pattern that seemed too “ambitious” for the beginning knitter.

  2. Adult Llani by Katya Frankel

    I’m on a quest to find the pattern for the perfect summer tee for me. Adult Llani might just be the one. I love that Adult Llani is mostly plain stockinette with waist shaping and decorative details around the neck and sleeves to dress it up.

  3. Bountiful Bohus by Chrissy Gardiner

    This pattern is from the book More Big Girl Knits by Jillian Moreno. I like that Bountiful Bohus has a touch of colorwork. I love the high-hip length and the three quarter length sleeve. The cabled cuffs give the sleeves a slightly belled look without a crazy amount of extra fabric.

  4. Mondo Cable Cardi by Bonne Marie Burns

    I was captivated by the big burly cable that gives this cardigan it’s name. I have to thank Jasmine Knitmore for bringing this gorgeous cardigan to my attention.

  5. A Girl Thing by Joji Locatelli

    Stripes and lace really work for me, together the resulting garment, always feels fresh and modern to me. I’m still deciding between the beanie and the slouchy versions of this pattern. A Girl Thing was originally published in The Authentic Collection . Both the book and the individual patterns are available on Ravelry. My advice: get the book the patterns are modern classics.

  6. Tylypahka-sukat, Hogwarts Socks by Pauliina Mathlin

    These socks are going to be my epic tribute to my love of Harry Potter. I’m a Gryffindor by the way. The pattern is written in one size, there’s Fair Isle, and a huge chunk of duplicate stitch. I told you, Epic!

  7. Ann Marie: Pink Ribbon Stockings by Erssie

    I love making socks. I’ve toyed with the idea of making thig-high stockings for a long time, so I decided to just do it. I’m going to follow the pattern suggestion and use a larger needle than I usually use for socks. They might also be candidates for making two-at-a-time.

  8. Dotted Rays (self striping) by Stephen West

    This isn’t the wildest Westknits pattern, but it’s one of my favorites. I love how the holes seem to radiate from a single point and the size seems just right. I know it’ll be perfect for a long repeat gradient.

  9. Finnoula by Marie Wallin

    I started out as a crocheter. I haven’t crochet anything in eons. One of my goals for this year is to become bicraftual in knitting and crochet. My intention is to work on my crochet for the next few months, then take on the challenge of this sweater as I kind of graduation into the world of the bicraftuals. This pattern, along with other beauties, is available in Winter Crochet: Collection Seven .

Like I said, it’s an ambitious list, but I only chose one “new” pattern on purpose. I wanted to work on projects that have been on my wish list since my earliest days as a knitter. When I was looking around for my #makenine2019 projects, I found many that I’d out grown or that weren’t my taste anymore. The ones that made the cut have stayed alive in my imagination for years. Now it’s time to bring them to life.

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