Mini Skein Magic

Mini Skein Magic

Make The Most Of Your Mini Skeins

We got in a load of mini skeins from June Pryce Fiber Arts. They are lovely little bonbons of color. Beyond that, minis afford both knitters and crocheters the flexibility to get the right color, in the right amount, to make a project pop. We’d love to help you put together a color palette that makes your heart happy. Scroll on down to see some projects that make minis the star of the show.

mini skein knit numbered.jpg
  1. Soul Warmer by Justyna Lorkowska, six 20 gram mini skeins of fingering weight yarn combine to make a cowl that is a celebration of texture and pattern.

  2. Sugar Pop by Lisa K. Ross, five minis plus your main color worked in bias stripes, bring some drama to to an easy knit.

  3. Dazzle Hat, by Katy Osterwald, take 4 minis, a main color and mix them with garter stitch short-rows and you get the magic that is Dazzle.

mini skein crochet numbered.jpg
  1. Blooming Beanie, by Deja Joy, if you’re ready to try a new technique the Blooming Beanie might be just the ticket. Fair Isle crochet that let your mini skeins shine. This pattern calls for 4 minis and a main color.

  2. Mini-Skein Madness Crochet Ripple Stitch Cowl, by Dana Freed Knits, this confection uses every precious gram of your yarns you change color when the yarn runs out.

  3. Siren Song, by 10 Hours or less, crochet a season spanning crescent shawl with 4 minis and a main color.